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Our Values

Committed to assisting Small & Medium - Medium-sized businesses in the USA & Canada. Your success is our driving force, catering to our customers' needs and achievements come first.

Receiving Funds

Meeting the needs of our clients is a key factor DWI completely focuses on throughout your business journey.  We place our clients at the forefront of our fiduciary of our fiduciary responsibilities.  Your confidence in us drives our dedication

Business Development

  • No Upfront Fees
  • Prompt Approvals
  • Transparent Simple Terms

About Us

One of DWI’s goals includes providing businesses with the opportunity to have consistent cash flow for ongoing operations and growth.  We focus on continuing community tradition by helping our clients make a difference.


"I did not get approved the first time I applied, 90 days later I was approved because DWI spoke with me once a week assisting me with getting my bank statements in order"

"My business was able to receive the funds needed by using DWI to open our second store with in one year "

"I purchased my 2nd truck for my trucking company quickly and paid my loan off 3 months earlier "


Term Business Loans

No application fees, no collateral-ever. We green-light businesses that traditional banks may overlook. Unlock your potential, where your credit score doesn't define your business. Ready to take the next step? to unlock your business future.

Merchant Case Advance

A financial arrangement where a business receives a lump sum of capital up-front in exchange for a percentage of its process sales or future receivables. It's commonly used by small businesses with limited access to traditional loans.

Business Line of Credit

Is the key to seizing opportunities as they arise. Gaining swift access to funds allows when you need it the most. This empowers you to tap into your approved credit line and only pain interest on the funds you utilize.


1910 Madison Avenue
#2549 Memphis, TN 38104

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Business Development

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